“These artists embody what it means to be a ‘conversation changer,’ and provide an interesting lens through which we might view our world’s challenges.”
— richard petkovic

The SWMCO melds classical strings, dervish rhythms, Latin samba and intimate melodies to smash conservative music conventions and create a dynamic journey that changes the internal chemistry of the listener.

The structure of the Orchestra is unique, from a wide dysphoria of cultures and traditions that imbue contemporary multicultural Australia.

The array of diverse talent includes traditions from Aboriginal Australia, Mongolia, Uyghur , Vietnam, China, Croatia (and more).

New music is created and performed in diverse languages from ancient traditions to contemporary sacred pop fusions.

The ensemble is about telling stories and sharing sacred music practices of culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse artists who make up this unique Orchestra.




Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra members

Nicholas Ng (China) - Urhu (Chinese violin) exploring Chinese traditions and music

Yaw Derkyi - (Ghana) exploring Ghanaian animist rituals and percussion

Shohrat Tursun - (Uyghur) recognised master in 1,000 year old song cycles using voice and dutar

Bukhu Ganburged – (Mongolia) showcasing the ancient art of throat singing and horse fiddle

Ngoc Tuan Hoang – (Vietnam) classical guitar and Vietnamese chanting tradition

Gambirra Illume –Indigenous Australian vocalist and ceremony

Maria Mitar (Croatia)- Vocals

Jonathan Nanlohy – (Indonesia/Aust) Double Bass

Seyed Salar Hosseini (Iran)- Violin

Richard Petkovic – (Bankstown)– Music director and cross cultural music facilitator -harmonium and guitar

An initiative of the Cultural Arts Collective, who collaborate with artists and communities across artforms to create distinctive cultural content.

More on Cultural Arts Collective and their music on Bandcamp